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Latest News & Updates

May 28, 2015Jose Andres' | CHEFS & Foie Benefit - LA Times | Russ Parsons
May 5, 2015May 12, Lazy Bear SF - Lazy Bear
April 20, 2015"Because you have made me angry...free foie.." - Eater
Jan. 11, 2015Chef Sued California, Gets Death Threats; Sean Chaney - CBS
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Jan. 7, 2015Foie Gras Legal Victory - SF Chronicle
July 26, 2014Have Your Foie & Eat It Too - Food Network
June 28, 2014Free Foie Lunch - Eater
Aug. 30, 2013Temporary Injunction Appeal, Denied by California's 9th Circuit Court - Court of Appeals
July 12, 2013Vote "Yes" for Foie Gras - Napa Valley Register
June 5, 2013Foie Gras Donut Outdoes Dunkin's - ABC
June 3, 2013Foie Gras Give-Away - Inside Scoop SF
May 2, 2013Chef Threatened, Intimidated, Personal Info Posted Online - LA Times
April 30, 2013Foie Gras in Palm Springs and OC - Washington Times
April 13, 2013Setting Foie Gras Standards - Napa Valley Register
March 23, 2013ALDF Loses Their Fatty Argument
March 21, 2013Is Foie Gras Torture? - Village Voice
March 15, 2013La Toque, Napa - Sued - Napa Valley Register
March 11, 2013Foie Gras Police - Huffington Post
March 11, 2013PeTA sues Chef - Huffington Post
Nov. 29, 2012PETA Sues Hot's Kitchen - Eater
Sept. 17, 2012Weird and wonderful foie gras desserts - Fox News
July 13, 2012House agriculture panel threatens California animal safety laws - Los Angeles Times
June 21, 2012Lawmaker may sponsor repeal of California ban on foie gras - The Sacramento Bee
May 23, 2012Fans of foie gras fight Calif. ban - USA Today
May 16, 2012Chefs Rally Against Foie Gras Ban - Video, NBC Bay Area
May 10, 2012Bullying at top incites an ugly society all around - San Francisco Chronicle
May 10, 2012Ducking the debate: A look at California’s foie gras ban - Sacramento News & Review
May 7, 2012In Solidarity With California Chefs, Matyson Serves a Foie Gras Tasting Menu - Grub Street Philadelphia
May 6, 2012Foie and its discontents - Food Arts
April 30, 2012Calif. chefs seek repeal of looming foie gras ban - Associated Press
April 30, 2012California Chefs to Wield Their Spatulas in Fight Over Foie Gras Ban - New York Times
April 29, 2012Foie gras chefs hungry for fight against ban - San Francisco Chronicle

It’s time for humane and ethical farming standards.

We are chefs, culinary professionals, diners and supporters of sustainable and humane farming standards. We oppose the ban on foie gras, but support a broader standard for ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices.

Find out more: Read our principles, see a list of all participating chefs, or learn more about the coalition.