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The following documents provide background information about foie gras production.

Read the law (PDF)

A Brief History of Foie Gras

by Ken Frank
La Toque, Napa

An introduction to foie gras, its history and production. Read

Everything You Need To Know About Foie Gras

by CIFOG (French Interprofessional Committee for Fattened Waterfowl)
This 33-page document answers all your questions about foie gras. Download. Also available in French

Souza Method: Fight Club, Barbaric, 30% Mortality

Chef Dan Barber discusses Edwardo Souza's method in this radio interview on, This American Life. Listen

Investigative Report: Is Foie Gras Torture?

Why are activists so devoted to this issue? Most of the organizations against foie gras also advocate vegetarianism or veganism. Read

California Court Hands Victory to Foie Gras in USDA case (PDF)

The USDA’s denial of Plaintiffs’ petition shows that it disagrees with Plaintiffs’ viewpoint that force-fed foie gras is adulterated or diseased: the USDA reaffirms that it is not.

The R Spot

by Mark Pastore
Incanto & Boccalone, San Francisco

Sex and eating are perhaps the two most intimate things we can do with our bodies.

The Physiology of Foie Gras: Why It Is Not Unethical

by J. Henji Lopez-Alt
Serious Eats

Letter to Senate Committee

by Jeanne Smith, DVM

In this letter to the Senate Committee, this veterinarian who specializes in birds describes her visit to a foie gras facility and her determination that "these birds are treated well within the standards of humane treatment." Download

Letter to the Chicago City Council

by Dr. Lawrence W. Bartholf, DVM

In his letter to the Chicago City Council, this veterinarian argues that "the singling out of foie gras as being inhumane or outside the mainstream of American animal agriculture is simply not supported by the facts." Download

The past, present and future of force-feeding and "foie gras" production

by Daniel Guémené and Gérard Guy

In this academic article published in the World’s Poultry Science Journal, the authors conclude that "foie gras has been recognised as a non-pathological and non-harmful product." Download

Force Feeding: An Examination of Available Scientific Evidence

by Daniel Guémené, Gérard Guy, Jacques Servière and Jean-Michel Faure

In this paper, the authors examine the available scientific data regarding claims of cruelty and pathology in foie gras production. They conclude that the data do not support that these practices are detrimental to the welfare of the birds. Download

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It’s time for humane and ethical farming standards.

We are chefs, culinary professionals, diners and supporters of sustainable and humane farming standards. We oppose the ban on foie gras, but support a broader standard for ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices.

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