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May 28, 2015Jose Andres' | CHEFS & Foie Benefit, LA Times | Russ Parsons
May 5, 2015May 12, Lazy Bear SF, Lazy Bear
April 20, 2015"Because you have made me angry...free foie..", Eater
Jan. 11, 2015Chef Sued California, Gets Death Threats; Sean Chaney, CBS
Jan. 8, 2015The End of Hypocrisy, Ludo , Food Republic

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It’s time for humane and ethical farming standards.

We are chefs, culinary professionals, diners and supporters of sustainable and humane farming standards. We oppose the ban on foie gras, but support a broader standard for ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices.

Find out more: Read our principles, see a list of all participating chefs, or learn more about the coalition.