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We would like to provide you with the tools to speak out about the state foie gras ban that took effect on July 1. The ban goes too far. It will lead to the widespread production and sale of contraband, black-market foie gras and be dangerous to animal welfare and customers – a far cry from the humane and ethical treatment of animals we all believe in.

We are asking the legislature to repeal the ban and enact new, strict, regulations that will serve as an example to the rest of the world.

If you believe as strongly in this issue as we do, then please join us and use this campaign toolkit to make your voice heard.

Download the toolkit.

It’s a stark choice. The foie gras ban will make animals the victims of a newly-created black market. But if we regulate the industry instead, we can use the power of the California economy to reform farming practices around the world.

Latest News & Updates

Aug. 30, 2013Temporary Injunction Appeal, Denied by California's 9th Circuit Court, Court of Appeals
July 12, 2013Vote "Yes" for Foie Gras, Napa Valley Register
June 5, 2013Foie Gras Donut Outdoes Dunkin's, ABC
June 3, 2013Foie Gras Give-Away, Inside Scoop SF
May 2, 2013Chef Threatened, Intimidated, Personal Info Posted Online, LA Times

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It’s time for humane and ethical farming standards.

We are chefs, culinary professionals, diners and supporters of sustainable and humane farming standards. We oppose the ban on foie gras, but support a broader standard for ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices.

Find out more: Read our principles, see a list of all participating chefs, or learn more about the coalition.